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Hi there!

After 1 year in silent mode I’m back on square one. I’ve been spending my time during this period to think and observe about people and myself, reading a lot and travelling across places that was supposed to be heaven and others hell. In my reads, I appreciate some books talking about anthropology starting by Darwin, Durkheim and more recently Harrari who made me confirming my belief in the deism and that conclusion was controversial, so from this my highest interest and respect to his artwork.

For those who are still there, what is the link with Digital Communication?

Well, I’ve to confess that I’ve been a bit tired trying to convince investors, high flyers and many others to keep in touch with basics and deliver high value achievements. So the first decision that I made is to make a break to revise and change myself. The second decision was to gather a lot from experienced people, reading and talking with young smart guys and that was not Zukerberg… (Show off)

To cut short the story, I think that I get pretty close to understand what the digital disruption is and the impact that we should suffer on our ideas, projects and operations. Although that I’ve known the 10 years business plans, currently there is already some investors that just read the 2 or 3 first year because over those periods the risk analysis becomes superfluous. The new businesses cycles have become: Start up, sell the company, take the money and run. Ten years ago, the cycle still was: Start up, Make the company at least ebitda=0, negotiate the sale. After my break I think: « Adapt or die »! Now my belief is that with a small investment it’s possible to make a company clean and efficient instead of quick and dirty. So why should you made your mind up for the first one, easier to sell, increase your revenue back, short investment and depending on the cases a lot more.

I’ll keep in touch with my new all2com environment and hope that I’ll provide you with help and clearer ideas.

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