As part of all2com identity, Carlos Bages Riva, was born in Paris in 1952. His parents both Spanish joined France after the Spanish civil war. He covered all his studies in France, closing this period by an electromechanical engineering degree and decided to work in the Telecommunication industry at Ericsson. After three years experience he got a degree from Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris (night classes) and upgraded his professional situation. Carlos is also graduated from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris and IESE (Spain).

Hired by service companies like CAP Gemini and then Atos, he kicked off his professional experience in the computer service market. During this period he got married and had a daughter. He always been sharing a double culture French and Spanish. He worked for France Telecom group, working on European projects (Esprit, Race…). Then he decided to work in the prestigious Amadeus Company located in Germany (Munich). In 1992, Carlos got a special offer coming from BT group to participate into their European development, commuting between London & Paris. Spain has been always attractive for Carlos and in 2000, France Telecom offered him to manage its Catalonian Telecom subsidiary as CEO. From 2003 as of today, Carlos started his own company to work in both Telecommunication and Digital Signage. Working on projects for several companies as consultant. Carlos covered different roles in the industry from Engineer till CEO.

Carlos developed a DS / DOOH methodology “Agile4com”, based on the CBA, Agile recommendations and ITIL ISO standard. This method is designed for the Digital Signage Integration from pre-project phase till post-project and allows committing on delivery in quality and budget.

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