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all2com Consulting
all2com Consulting
all2com Consulting
all2com Consulting
all2com Consulting

Services On Line or In Situ, tailored for your Digital Signage Projects

Since all2com’s focus is client first, different profiles have been considered implying to propose two different type of service: In Situ (CIS) and On Line (COL).

Big projects require a CIS since the interaction with the client requires a lot of coordination and presence within the development team. However that doesn’t mean 100% presence, there is a lot of work that is completed in all2com premises.

Small and medium projects require rather a COL to manage themselves projects and then supported by our hotline. As proposed the clients can use a number of tickets to be served and use: audio-conference, webinars, emails. This service can also be used by big clients once their projects achieved for their support (Service Management).

All of all2com’s resources are certified DSCE by the DSEG. Agile4com is based on industry standard but also uses the 7 key elements basics in the process used all along the project.

all2com, cares particularly about the client’s interests and make sure that costs in the proposals are fitting with market price cap. Proposals are designed on a fix fee and a success fee basis measured on KPIs agreed with the client and signed into the contract.

Consulting In Situ - CIS

all2com proposes a multilevel consulting fitting the client’s requirements. Some clients look for a soft support of their development team and then we just train the teams, we deliver the tools and processes as well as a support adapted to their project. Otherwise, we offer a full service to deliver a complete solution (Turnkey).

all2com, offers to its customers a range of knowledge that are linked to Business Models and the Digital Signage value chain from any type of network(see vertical markets) in which the client is interested to.

all2com versatile experience afford the client to envisage a full integration of its DS solution within its own company’s systems (CRM/M2M, mobility, Social Networks, Dashboard management…).

all2com CIS proposes:

  • bespoke solutions
  • one-stop shopping (Integrator concept)
  • turnkey delivery
  • service level agreement (including penalties)

Our Sales team is available for any question and build a proposal.



  1. Pre-project briefings
  2. Solution design and creativity
  3. Marketing Plan
  4. RFP, RFI, RFQ
  5. Strategic analysis
  6. Viability Plan

Business Analyst

Senior Consultant

1 100 €

If the pre-project is longer than 10 days, a discount will be applied.


  1. Project Plan / Project office
  2. Project kickoff
  3. Processes set up
  4. Hardware and software set up
  5. Control centre set up
  6. Acceptance test

Project Director


400 €

In most of the cases the proposal will be set out as package proposal.


  1. Documentation checking
  2. Resources training
  3. Certifications
  4. Operations committees set up
  5. Web service deliveries
  6. Recurrent support

Service Manager

Senior Consultant

2 150 €

This is a recurring service paid on a monthly basis.

On each phase, the 7 key elements are reviewed and considered in order to not forget the basics for a DS project. Agile4com will be used to manage the 7 elements based on Agile for the 2 first phases and ITIL for the last one. Doing so, it is easy to enable any ISO certification whenever required.

Consulting On Line - COL

all2com as the will to be highly flexible and make sure that any client will be satisfied to use the proposed services, this is the reason why all2com as set up a structure to make sure that any requirements will fit for purpose. all2com as detected three categories of demand:

  • quick requirements for unsubscribed clients - Bronze
  • first level of support to a prepared client’s team - Silver
  • full level of support - Gold

all2com’s COL is a service that is used by many client’s profiles (anonymous (bronze), light service support and full support). Most of the proposed services are delivered remotely and in three different languages, however in the Gold category sometimes the client asks for a permanent presence in situ and in this case all2com propose 80% on client’s premises for 20% in all2com.

Bronze is a category designed for anybody that is interested by all2com services on quick and generic needs, however clients who may need light support on their solutions can also chose this category of support, typically it is the case of the SME client’s profile.

The provided support follows ITIL standards and then can fit into client’s IT organisation in case it is required as well as certifications can be also included in the service contract between all2com and his client.

Our Sales team is available for any question and build a proposal.



  1. Doubts & questions
  2. Meta Definition of the CDD / DS
  3. Consulting on potential projects

150 € / hour

No subscription (one hour)


  1. Support on Projects
  2. Projects SMEs
  3. Deliverables agreed by contract
  4. Remote meeting (1 / month maximum)

1 200 € / month

10h/month during 3 months


  1. Support on Projects
  2. Projects SMEs
  3. Deliverables agreed by contract
  4. Meeting in Situ (1 / month maximum)

2 100 € / month

20h/month during 12 months


More than 20 years experience in Digital Signage, DooH and project management, our team is keen to provide your company with the best consulting and business solutions.

all2com is a service company working on Digital Signage (DS) & more specifically on Digital out of Home (DooH). The company all2com uses a proprietary method, Agile4com, to deliver consultancy and training services.

  • Approach
    all2com approach

    all2com approach is to care about our client’s interest which means best solution at best cost. To reach this target we always think client’s revenue first! all2com’s relations with providers, although very good, are leading the propositions always to the clients benefit (i.e.: avoid unnecessary purchases or at the contrary raise missing ones).

  • Expertise
    all2com expertise

    all2com expertise, thru the expert team, is on the IT, marketing and advertising. The use of a method makes the relationship with clients very efficient and clear in all aspects. all2com can support the client in different ways: strategics, development and operations, delivering measurable results based on commitments taken in the very first phases that the client and all2com sign off.

  • Differentiator
    all2com differentiator

    all2com's differentiator is to go beyond the fences and make sure that every important module is included in the solution such as: marketing, sales, financial, legal, security, measurements.

    Thru its unique selling proposition to clients and no acceptance of collateral revenues from IT providers, all2com puts a stick in the ground on its engagement, acting in full transparency (Open books).

All of these considerations which are over the technology must be controlled and organized within the project and they define all2com's key differentiator as an integrator. all2com is being technology agnostic and focused on client’s revenues before costs and investments for the sake of customer’s benefits. all2com is an independent company acting in different countries and delivering in three different languages: English, French and Spanish.

All team members are Digital Signage certified by DSEG

Carlos Bages

Carlos Bages

DooH Expert

Francesc Cones

Francesc Cones

Advertising Expert

Belinda Bages

Belinda Bages

Digital Expert

Certified Adwords

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