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Delivering the most efficient Digital Signage and DooH business solutions


We deliver consulting services on projects from early start (Inception) to the end (operations) using a proprietary method Agile4com.

For DooH (Digital Out Of Home) as well as Corporate or mix projects,

For all the players of Digital Signage and DooH market (Advertisers, Media Agencies, Media Owners, Measurement Agencies, Technology Providers),

Save money taking secured decisions from early stage with
a feasibility plan,

Take over your projects on time & budget,

Assure your Operations getting a third party Service Managenent.

Our On Line and In Situ Consulting Services are tailored to fit the needs, the size, the status and the agenda of your project.

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all2com as DSEG representative for EMEA proposes certified trainings:

  • DSCE: Digital Signage Certified Expert
  • DSNE: Digital Signage Network Expert
  • DSDE: Digital Signage Display Expert
  • DCME: Digital Content Media Expert

All of those training can be delivered On Line or In Situ.

You are a DS player or you want to become one of them: Advertiser, Media Agency, Media Owner, Measurement Agency, Technology Provider, all2com proposes digital advertising, market’s collateral as well as methodology bespoke trainings.

all2com Training Logo DSEG Logo
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Project Governance

Based on industry standards like Agile, ITIL or CBA, Agile4com methodology provides the organization and tools to take a project from inception towards operations. The methodology is starting from revenues to end into costs and investments.

all2com Agile4com Process

Agile4com, uses market’s standards allowing the client to be fully free to change providers at any moment and at the same time stay with them for the good reasons..

Drive the project and we’ll manage deliverables!

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Make your multimedia projects successful


Does Digital Communication impacts on revenues?

all2com Corporate Advertising thumbnail

Nowadays, the large majority of corporations have admitted and included Internet in their strategic plan.

Complementary, the emerging digital segment branded as Digital Signage, offers an intrusive mode to inform your crew and your clients as well as providers about your company. A company informed and well educated will improve motivation, hence thru an optimized quality of service the company will improve revenues.

all2com acts as a partner (consultant, trainer and integrator) supporting the company in making is mind up on strategics (i.e.: defining the communication’s KPIs and translate them in currencies) taking in consideration the organization basics: front, middle and back office, and looking to fulfill inbound and outbound marketing needs.

A corporate communication plan could be: simple and ignore a lot of opportunities to increase revenues or take care about the convergence between the IT and marketing department that helps making possible to improve: brand, collateral revenues and motivation. The corporate Digital Signage is mandatory, as nowadays Internet is, for any company targeting excellence and professionalism for its immediate future.


How to deal with digital advertising?

all2com Advertising thumbnail

From earlier 90’s, the advertising market is changing from being static to become digital. It started with internet forcing the Above the Line to integrate the new “on line” media.

The next segment impacted by the technology has been the outdoor, moving to the DooH and CooH and increasing the likelihood to change the current market organization thru new areas such as “off line, Embrace the Line…”, all converging to an advertising disruption. Facing this changes, the advertising market needs help to foster this new media.

all2com has gathered a number of experts that provides more than 30 years experience on: communication, advertising and technology. The know-how gathered and a proprietary method makes possible to deliver services to make media agencies, media owners and metric agencies the most efficient in increasing their sales, hence their revenues while controlling costs and investment.

The technology has afforded the out of home advertising becoming interactive, hence more efficient increasing the likelyhood client’s purchase and this is what the advertiser's main expectation is.


How to increase my client’s portfolio?

all2com Providers relationship thumbnail

The market is moving from a push mode towards a pull one. Interfaces are also changing from CTOs towards CMOs.

So far IT providers have rightly invested on marketing (brochures, events, R&D, …), but that is not enough facing the client’s awareness about the digital signage industry. The complexity of the market with the recent mobile and wearables impact on the Digital Outdoor market is making the clients to use more and more RFPs. The impact of changes and collateral novelties must be understood and integrated in the IT providers portfolio in order to increase differentiators and make efficient offers.

all2com provides its experience in designing and replying to RFPs with the latest arguments and differentiators emerging from briefings and discussions with the different market actors and specially with final clients. Moreover, all2com helps providers to become certified (DSEG and Google) creating differentiators that clients will surely take into their account. Strategic plans and support to the decision is also part of the all2com’s portfolio service. Hence it is mandatory that providers understand better the clients especially the advertising requirements.


More than 20 years experience in Digital Signage, DooH and project management, our team is keen to provide your company with the best consulting and business solutions.

all2com is a service company working on Digital Signage (DS) & more specifically on Digital out of Home (DooH). The company all2com uses a proprietary method, Agile4com, to deliver consultancy and training services.

  • Approach
    all2com approach

    all2com approach is to care about our client’s interest which means best solution at best cost. To reach this target we always think client’s revenue first! all2com’s relations with providers, although very good, are leading the propositions always to the clients benefit (i.e.: avoid unnecessary purchases or at the contrary raise missing ones).

  • Expertise
    all2com expertise

    all2com expertise, thru the expert team, is on the IT, marketing and advertising. The use of a method makes the relationship with clients very efficient and clear in all aspects. all2com can support the client in different ways: strategics, development and operations, delivering measurable results based on commitments taken in the very first phases that the client and all2com sign off.

  • Differentiator
    all2com differentiator

    all2com's differentiator is to go beyond the fences and make sure that every important module is included in the solution such as: marketing, sales, financial, legal, security, measurements.

    Thru its unique selling proposition to clients and no acceptance of collateral revenues from IT providers, all2com puts a stick in the ground on its engagement, acting in full transparency (Open books).

All of these considerations which are over the technology must be controlled and organized within the project and they define all2com's key differentiator as an integrator. all2com is being technology agnostic and focused on client’s revenues before costs and investments for the sake of customer’s benefits. all2com is an independent company acting in different countries and delivering in three different languages: English, French and Spanish.

All team members are Digital Signage certified by DSEG

Carlos Bages

Carlos Bages

DooH Expert

Francesc Cones

Francesc Cones

Advertising Expert

Belinda Bages

Belinda Bages

Digital Expert

Certified Adwords

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